12 Feb 2020

ioXt Talk

ioXt guest speaker talk on IoT security


IoXT or Internet of Secure Things is a company specializing in the security of IoT devices. They provide services such as their haXlab, vulnerability disclosure program, and device pen testing. As ioXt states, “Device security is a problem. We at ioXt are your solution. Through ioXt’s haXlab, our crowdsourced hacking team is always “on,” always working to find security weaknesses in your products. haXlab’s top-tier hacker army works 24/7, across the globe. We’ve got your back. Even when you’re completely clueless about your weaknesses.”


This ioXt talk will be given at our normal meeting time and location at DBH 1300, Monday February 24, 5:00pm


For this talk ioXt representatives will be bringing in their remote hacking fixtures to demonstrate some known vulnerabilities on some IoT devices that they have worked with. They will then show atendees how to use wireshark to do a trace analysis.

How to Participate

For this talk people of all skill levels are welcome to come, but if you want to practice your own wireshark trace analysis, be sure to come with a laptop with wireshark pre installed on it.